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Why Buy New?

KAM homes offer much more to homeowners than used homes and rentals in terms of efficiency, quality and features. See how a new home can save you money, build equity and offer you peace of mind.

New or Used Homes

Rent or Own a Home


No Surprises

     When purchasing an existing home, you risk inheriting problems. Homes built today are built at high standards offering quality and efficiencies that are unmatched by preexisting homes. When you move into a KAM home, there‚Äôs little to do other than start living your life in your new home.


Peace of Mind

     All KAM homes come with warranties on appliances, structural defects, roofing and other assurances. Your new home will be protected by our 2 year Builders warranty and 10 year structural warranty.



     New homes offer higher levels of performance in heating, cooling and insulation. Why settle for energy wasting components that are costly in the long run? Having Energy efficient windows to appliances are not only more effective but less costly.


     Purchasing a home protects you from costly rent increases, helps you build equity and offers many tax benefits. Owning your own home means its yours, no more asking permission to the landlord. Plus your new home is all yours, it has never been occupied so you can take pride in settling it in. A new home can be that fresh start and cornerstone of memories.


     Newly built homes are about 30% more efficient than homes built only 10 years ago.


     On average newly built homes save more than 3000 KWH per year. Enough to power a TV for more than 10 years.


     New homes offer higher ceilings. Bathrooms and Closets of today are much larger and spacious.

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